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bridal shower

Pull of the best bridal shower ever with 1771.

Celebrate love and friendship

 Laugh over lively conversations, play hilarious party games, and catch up all night. Bridal showers are the perfect time to bond with your closest friends before the bride-to-be finally gets hitched and starts a new chapter in her life.

With over 30 years of experience in the restaurant industry coupled with a team of dedicated, dynamic and innovative staff, we have the skills to make the perfect bridal shower. Want to know more? Here are the things we offer:

Unique cuisines perfect for a bachelorette party

At 1771, we make sure that our creativity and flexibility are reflected in the food we prepare.

Is the bride is craving Italian, French, and Swiss dishes? If so, Chateau 1771 would be perfect for her. Our ever-popular Sentro 1771 provides a variety of modern Filipino dishes. The delicious comfort food of Flatiron 1771 is always a good option.  And if she wants something that tastes of home, we have Café 1771 to offer.

Specialized catering packages

We have some of the most talented catering staff in the industry to assist you in selecting your preferred catering package for that perfect bachelorette party.

Choose from our wide selection of menus for sit-down, buffet, and cocktail setups. Rest assured that you can personalize your menu according to your and your guests’ preferences.

Hand-selected chef just for you

We’re committed to bringing you excellent catering services from beginning to end.

We hand-select a 1771 chef especially for you, and provide you with reliable and experienced servers, to ensure that you and your guests enjoy the best of everything at the bridal shower venue.

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